Open Positions

We are always looking for skilled coworkers at the Institute of Bioinformatics at University Medicine Greifswald. We encourage anyone to apply who is currently involved or is highly motivated to get involved in research in systems biology, bioinformatics, machine learning, statistics and mathematical modeling applied to questions from molecular biology and medicine. As a successful group of interdisciplinary scientists, we are open to applicants with diverse backgrounds.

Please note also open positions in our partner group with Prof. Mario Stanke (Bioinformatics at Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science), here.

1 System Administrator   (Oct 5, 2020)

We have an open position (50% part-time position) for an it specialist / system administrator. The post holder will be responsible for the IT infrastructure of the insitute of bioinformatics, including server and network management as well as administration of the compute cluster maintained at the institute.

We are looking for someone with profound knowledge of the Linux / Unix operating system, and experience in administration of local area networks involving seceral unix- and windows-based server systems.

The position is initially limited to 2 years, with the possibility of prolongation and permanent employment subsequently.

Candidates interested in applying, please contact Lars Kaderali with a brief motivation letter, CV and relevant certificates.

1 PhD Student in Machine Learning in Virology   (Sep 28, 2020)

We have an open positions for a PhD Student for a three-year term on the topic "A machine learning pipeline to identify and characterise novel viruses in metagenome data". The position is part of the European International Training Network "Viroinf" ( The objective of this project is to develop efficient computational pipelines to search for novel viruses in genome or metagenome sequencing data, as well as in public DNA and RNA sequencing databases such as NCBI Genbank/SRA. The PhD candidate will develop machine learning algorithms for this purpose, and will apply the developed algorithms to publicly available data as well as data from the local Study of Health in Pomerania and available clinical samples.

For details on Viroinf and the individual projects please see here.

Application is via the Viroinf webseite at, please apply to project ESR 12.

1 PhD Student in Modeling of Viral Infections   (Oct 5, 2020)

We have an open position for a PhD Student on Mathematical Modeling of Viral Infections. The student will be involved in developing mathematical models of viral replication and immune response for +RNA viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, and will support our ongoing research activities in the field.

To apply, please send an informal email including a brief motivation letter and CV, as well as relevant degree certificates, by email to Lars Kaderali.

Openings for Postdocs

We presently have no immediate openings, however, we will grow further in the future and encourage anyone interested in our research and in joining our team to contact us directly to evaluate possibilities.

We will accept applicants who bring their own funding via stipends / fellowships at any time.

Diploma, Bachelor and Master Students

We have always openings for Diploma, Bachelor and Master Thesis projects, and encourage students interested in one of the research areas of the group to apply. For a (non-exhaustive) list of thesis proposals please visit here. We are open to additional suggestions for possible thesis topics within the area of research of the group, if you are interested, please contact Lars Kaderali for additional information.

Please note that we do not offer funded positions for diploma / master / bachelor theses.


For information on internship opportunities please contact Lars Kaderali with your CV, and brief information what kind of internship you would like to do, when and for how long.

Please note that we normally cannot provide any funding for internships.

Application Procedure

Diploma, Bachelor, Master students and students interested in an internship please contact us directly by email and provide some background information about your study field and possible topics of interest for your work.

PhD candidates please send your full application including CV, list of publications if any, and transcripts of relevant certificates (Diploma / Master, Bachelor / Vordiplom, High School degree) to the address indicated below.

PostDoc candidates please in addition to the above documents submit a short research proposal and addresses and email of three qualified referees of your choice.

Please direct applications (email welcome) to

Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali
University Medicine Greifswald
Institute of Bioinformatics
Felix.Hausdorff-Str. 8
D-17475 Greifswald, Germany

E-Mail: lars.kaderali{at}