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Research Overview

We work on the development and application of mathematical and computational methods to decipher and model complex cellular processes in health and disease. For this, with pursue a strategy that integrates the development of biostatistical and bioinformatics tools, direct mathematical modeling for example using systems of differential equations or stochastic equations, and machine learning approaches to infer models from data. Applications include virus-host interactions, cancer, ageing, and other biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. Being part of the University Hospital Greifswald, we have a specific focus on human diseases and medical applications.

Our research projects are carried out in close collaboration with specialized clinical and biomedical groups, either here on campus or in national or international research consortia. We have acquired considerable expertise in analyzing complex, high-throughput experimental data, for example from Next Generation Sequencing Platforms, Life cell imaging, qrt-PCR, Western/Northern Blotting, RNA interference and other cellular screening paltforms, Microarray data, Proteomics data and other high throughput biological assays.